Linda Palmer

Linda Palmer – Store #1781; Cortland, N.Y. What do you think makes ZP so special? The support and sharing that comes ..

2 weeks ago

Susan Heinrich

Susan Heinrich – Store #4540; Fowlerville, Mich. How did you hear about the ZP Challenge? From Penny Valentine, ZP ..

2 weeks ago

Karen Blackwell

Karen Blackwell I’m Karen Blackwell from Store#5035 in Lakeland, FL, and I’ve worked for Walmart for 15 years. ZP ..

2 weeks ago

Kimberly Hernandez

Kimberly Hernandez – Store #2282; East Windsor, Conn. Why does the ZP Challenge appeal to you? ZP popped up for me at ..

2 weeks ago

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers – Distribution Center #7026; Grantsville, Utah What do you like about ZP? I’m a truck driver, and our ..

2 weeks ago

Lynette Riggs

I’m Lynette Riggs from Store#0796 in Peru, IL and I’ve worked for Walmart for 7 years. We had an email about the ZP ..

2 weeks ago

Scott Gade

Scott Gade – Store #2539; Spokane Valley, Wash. Why did you take the ZP Challenge? Ever since I lost the bottom half ..

2 weeks ago

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