ZP Challenge Leader Access FAQs

Great leaders make great communities. Helping and supporting others is how great things happen for everyone. We believe in all the possibilities of a happier, healthier world and with leaders like you – we’re going to make amazing progress! Here are some frequently asked questions we hear from the ZP Challenge community and some helpful answers for your reference. We encourage you to customize your responses as you think best. Every ZP Challenge participant and every situation is unique – it’s your generous spirit and wisdom that will serve to help in the best way.

ZP Challenge – The Basics

What is ZP Challenge?
ZP Challenge is a wellbeing movement offered for free to all associates, family members, friends and customers. ZP Challenge is here to inspire and support you to make better choices through small changes in your life. For extra fun and motivation, ZP Challenge is also a contest with cash prizes.

How does ZP Challenge work?
ZP Challenge believes that small changes can have big results. There are four types of ZP Challenges: ZP Food, ZP Money, ZP Family and ZP Fitness – which reflects four important areas of life. Identify a few changes you would like to make and then simply make 21 days of better choices.

ZP Challenge sounds REALLY simple – Can making a difference in my life be so easy?
Changing things in your life doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. Small changes and better choices can really help you accomplish amazing things.

What is a “Better Choice?”
By making one better choice today than you did yesterday – anything is possible. Any and all better choices count – here are some examples:

  • ZP Money Challenge – Set your pocket change aside for your savings.
  • ZP Fitness Challenge – Dance to the radio, take the long way to the mailbox
  • ZP Family Challenge – Tell someone you care, do a random act of kindness, think about three things for which you are grateful
  • ZP Food Challenge – Eat one less cookie, drink one less soft drink, get that burger without cheese

Your ZP Challenge

How do I take ZP Challenge?

  1. Starting is easy! You have three options to ZP the way you want.
    • Download the ZP Challenge mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android devices.
    • Go to ZPChallenge.com which features downloadable entry cards and online entry submission.
    • Grab a ZP Challenge entry book available at your facility.
  2. Choose your ZP Challenge(s).
  3. Make 21 days of better choices and enjoy your results. If you would like to submit your entry you could win part of $150,000 prize pool.

Do I have to take all four types of ZP Challenges?
Nope – it’s up to you how you want to take ZP Challenge. You may find that the challenges are interconnected. For instance, if you walk and have a picnic that could count for ZP Food and ZP Fitness. Or if you make a meal as a family instead of going out to eat – that counts for ZP Family and ZP Money. You can focus on one or all ZP Challenges – It’s entirely up to you.

Entering ZP Challenge for a chance to win

What if I miss the deadline?
That’s OK! When one ZP Challenge ends, another begins. ZP Challenge dates are March – August (Spring & Summer) and September – February (Fall & Winter).

Do I have to submit a photo with my entry?
Including a photo with your entry is not required, however ZP Challenge does enjoy seeing your fun, candid snapshots. [ZP Challenge Leaders – feel free to volunteer to take a snapshot of the ZP Challenge participant for the entry]

How do I fill out the “Tell us your ZP Story” part?
First, take a minute to consider the ZP Challenge question – “If you could inspire someone you care about to change his or her life, who would it be and why?” Jot down your answer and don’t worry about spelling, grammar or length – it can be as short or as long as you like. The inspirations in your life are important to all of us!

How are winners picked?
When selecting winners, the ZP Group’s judging panel looks for people who have shared their ZP Challenge Story – specifically those who have shown extraordinary courage, creativity and the ability to inspire others to do their best every day. They are also looking for those individuals who can best carry out/pass on the ZP Challenge life to someone else. Simply put, if you are inspiring yourself and others to live the best life possible – you are on the right track!

Where can I find more information about ZP Challenge’s contest rules?
ZP Challenge contest rules www.zpchallenge.com/rules

When will the winners be announced?
Winners are usually announced one month after the end of a challenge (March & September).

How do we find out who won?
Winners will be notified personally primarily by phone by the ZP Group. Winners’ names are announced to the ZP Challenge community on the ZP Challenge website, Facebook & Instagram.

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