Anthony Galloway

Anthony Galloway Sam’s Club #6181; Papillion, NE

Sam’s Club #6181; Papillion, NE

It’s good to know there are other people struggling with the same things you are. Reading the ZP stories and seeing other people’s amazing accomplishments with ZP Challenge got me going. I started out just to lose some weight and support my wife and now I’m watching myself become a different person. Before ZP, I was always inside sitting on my chair watching TV. I didn’t care about anything. Now that my wife and I are both getting healthier, we have so much energy to get out and do things. After dinner, I hit the treadmill and do floor exercises. I stopped drinking soda and the general manager here tells me he’s stopped drinking soda because of what I’m doing. You know, all the other wellness programs out there are just pay, pay, pay. ZP is totally different. It’s free and there’s so much support. It’s so amazing to know you’re not alone and to be able to share with other people that need help and inspiration, too.

  • I’ve lost 135 pounds and my life isn’t about sleeping all the time anymore.
  • ZP’s support network is amazing. It’s what makes the difference.
  • We track everything we eat now.
  • Without ZP’s app, it’d be easy to slip. It’s much easier to keep making better choices when you’re seeing them every day.

My wife is a Type 2 diabetic, overweight and was hospitalized for Stage 4 COPD. We didn’t think she’d make it out alive. At one point, we planned her funeral together. But she got better with medications. When she got home from the hospital, we started making changes. We emptied out the cupboards. We figured out we were eating more than 5,000 calories each a day. We started reading labels, weighing everything, tracking everything and we’re down to 1,200—1,500 calories a day, tops. We make better choices like eating broccoli and green beans. We analyze the reports we get from our food and fitness trackers every month and watch for changes. We do the math! We do everything together now. Once a month, we indulge. But, we make an activity of it. We get out of the house, walk over the scenic bridge downtown and have one piece of fudge. It’s our reward. My wife has lost 130 pounds and our relationship has never been better.

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