Brian Slover

Brian Slover Market #251; Terre Haute, IN

Market #251; Terre Haute, IN

My father was in poor health and he was 49 years old when he died from a heart condition. I’ll be 49 in two weeks and I was on a similar path. I didn’t want to be on the same collision course. What I like best about ZP is seeing other people succeed and inspiring people. It’s sharing our own experiences to help people understand what’s working for each of us. ZP’s social networks and the app are connecting people. You’re learning from other individuals, not just locally but globally. It’s all the different kinds of connections that make ZP real. As a Market Human Resources Manager, I was seeing other associates succeed with ZP but they weren’t sharing their stories. I got behind it and started sharing my story. I took personnel coordinators at different stores and helped make them leaders for ZP. We’d talk about it in weekly conference calls. People started having fun with it. They even set up competitions with weigh-ins every week. People are now grabbing each other as they come in to tell each
other about what they’re doing with ZP. It’s really blossomed.

  • I’m down to 155 pounds and in the best shape of my life.
  • My cholesterol is almost perfect now.
  • I ran a 5K in under 20 minutes.
  • I’m eating mainly fish and chicken and actually enjoying broccoli.

I’m 5 feet 7 inches and used to weigh almost 200 pounds. My blood pressure was out of whack and I was on medication. I wasn’t healthy. I didn’t want my kids to have to take care of me when I get old. What got me started with ZP were the different ways of learning what other people do. You can read stories of how others have succeeded and what has worked for them. I’ve completely changed my lifestyle. Where I was and where I am now is night-and-day. The feeling is almost indescribable. I’m a coach at our gym and am competing in the CrossFit Open against about 30,000 other people across the world. I feel better than ever and have seen the rest of my family follow my lead. The whole thing has really been a complete family transformation for us. My 22-year-old son is also competing in CrossFit. My 18-year-old daughter has made fitness a priority. My wife joined the gym as well. She’s gotten empowered and is on the fitness track along with me. I’d tell anyone to embrace ZP because it’s fun. You’re going to get better, feel better and have fun doing it.

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