Chulsea Schmit


Chulsea Schmit Store #5432; New Richmond, Wis.

What do you like about ZP?

I needed to change. I needed to be happy. ZP Challenge encouraged me to go for it by giving me everything I needed to start and by not being so heavily structured that you won’t actually do it. Everyone has their own way, and ZP can work in so many different ways.

How are you doing on your ZP Journey?
I’ve lost 60 pounds and am happier than I’ve been in a long time. I’m going to live my life with ZP being happy, and hoping my journey will inspire others to be healthy and happy. I watch my portions and my snacking. I make better choices about food. ZP just makes sense. It’s become a part of me and my life.

What would you tell someone who’s new to ZP Challenge?
Not to stress. ZP is open and flexible. You adjust to ZP as you go along, and ZP adjusts to you. I like to look at the ZP booklet every day and check myself, make sure I’m on track or make sure to get back on track. You’re going to stick with it because ZP fits your life, and you’re going to be happier.

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