Courtney Monk

Home Office; Bentonville, AR

Home Office; Bentonville, AR

How did you first hear about ZP Challenge?

I met my friend and associate, Latisha Johnson, for lunch. The first thing she did was hand me the ZP Challenge book. I had walked past the ZP materials every day and hadn’t really noticed them before. I started doing ZP because it’s different when you know someone who’s doing it and accomplishing amazing things. ZP is so real. It’s so easy to choose one of the challenges—food, fit, money or family—and just do it. You do ZP at your own pace. You read the stories and then you make better choices. You don’t let yourself forget your goals. ZP is different because these are real people and you can just walk over to someone you know and talk to them about it.

How are you doing on your ZP journey?

I felt like I needed to work on everything. I’ve lost about 20 pounds and I’m down a lot of sizes. I’m paying attention to what I’m eating and calories. I work out at the Walton Life Fitness Center and ZP’s helped to motivate me. I’m trying new kinds of fitness classes. For instance, ZP Family Challenge has helped because I’ve realized I need to talk to my family every day and be sure to tell them I love them. ZP Money Challenge was my main focus. I tended to waste money on unnecessary things. I was living in an apartment and the rent kept going up. I decided I needed to see about buying a house. ZP really helped me to work towards that financial goal and save up for a down payment.

What’s been your greatest ZP moment so far?

My greatest ZP moment had to be when I closed on my new house. I just did not expect this amazing an outcome. Also, I had hit a fitness plateau. ZP inspired me to kick back in harder at the gym. Getting past the plateau was a great moment. Now, I’m telling everyone to take ZP Challenge. Don’t wait, do ZP for yourself. It’s easy, it’s free and it’s real. With ZP, you’ll be better.

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