Darlene Connolly

Walmart #2369; Tilton, NH

Walmart #2369; Tilton, NH

What got your started on your ZP journey?

I weighed 229 pounds, and I had many related health issues. I was contemplating weight-loss surgery. To have the surgery, you must demonstrate than you can lose weight. I was starting to do all the pre-surgery steps and that’s around the same time Stacey Collins started our store’s healthy living challenge. Stacey was a huge motivator. She’d talk about ZP Challenge every morning, and so many people here at the store got involved. Now, we’re all friends. Different people doing different things. When someone accomplishes something, we’re all so happy.

What’s working for you?

My ZP was all about losing the weight. I’m learning a lot about food and exercise. I had to figure things out.
My family and I are eating healthier at home and cooking with simple, easy recipes. I replace pasta with broccoli
and cauliflower. That’s a big deal because I am a wicked spaghetti freak. I am more active. I started walking the dog and just keep walking farther and for greater amounts of time. I added going to the gym once a week. I do more volunteer work. I do more now than I did in my 20s.

Has there been a “Eureka” moment during your ZP Challenge?

I’ve tried many diets, lost weight and gained it right back. I didn’t want to go under the knife for the weight-loss surgery. My sister had the surgery, and she was a physical wreck afterwards. There are so many possible complications. With ZP, I took a step back to think. I’ve lost a total of 39 pounds. I did that with better choices and lifestyle changes. I realized I could lose the weight without the surgery. I had to change my ways and I’ve done that. With ZP Challenge, I proved that with motivation, support and simple changes, there are better ways to lose weight.

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