Ethan Linder

Store #1093; Rantoul, IL

Store #1093; Rantoul, IL

I wasn’t any good at dieting. I’ve tried before but I’d cheat pretty much every day. I saw ZP Challenge materials in the breakroom, and a bunch of my friends here at work were doing it. Usually, tness programs are so complicated, but ZP is easy and self-explanatory. Making better choices every day is so simple. Usually the simpler things are the better things. I decided not to mess around anymore and just do this thing! I started out at 360 pounds and I weigh 300 pounds now. My goal is to get down to between 250 and 230 pounds. I really need to lose this weight. I’m doing more active things like going to the gym and doing things with my associates. I’ve made some changes with my family, too. We’re a pretty close family, but I moved about an hour away, and I could feel the distance between us. Now, I am sure to message one of my family members every day. I’m really grateful for ZP motivating me to make good choices and keep track!

• I’ve lost about 60 pounds and the goal is to keep at it.
• It’s so much easier to move around now.
• A group of us from the store gets together and walks two or three times a week.
• ZP is the motivation I need to keep going.

There are two things to my ZP. Working out is one, and the other is I simply don’t consume as much food. I cut out pop. I stopped eating candy all the time. I’ll still eat a little candy sometimes, but just really small portions. I used to eat fast food all the time and now I only eat it occasionally. My ZP Food is all about watching what I eat. If I hadn’t started making these changes, I’d be miserable. Now, I have so much more energy. About a month ago, my work vest was wearing out and when I went to go get a new one, I was a size smaller. That was a great surprise. With ZP, I’ve been actually able to continue the healthy things I’ve been doing. In the past, I would’ve cracked by now and given up. I just keep making the better choices and I stay motivated.

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