Gamalier Castro

Gamalier Castro Supercenter #5214; Kissimmee, FL

Supercenter #5214; Kissimmee, FL

Starting my ZP was definitely a challenge. But I read the stories and I was impressed by the way people are changing their lives for good. I thought to myself if they can do it — why can’t I? I started ZP Challenge to get in better shape and improve my health. The first two weeks were difficult, but after that, you get used to the new changes. You stay motivated because you start seeing results. I used to weigh 220 pounds and now I weigh 169 pounds. I immediately noticed the difference and it was great shopping for new clothes. I’m careful about what I eat and I exercise daily. I have more energy and enjoy more activities with my daughters. I sleep better at night. Everything is great since ZP Challenge.

  • I have lost 51 pounds.
  • With ZP, people change their habits, and their lives, for good.
  • My main motivation is to set a good example for my daughters.
  • Winning ZP’s $5,000 prize was one of the proudest moments of my life.

I am always cautious about what I eat now. I make sure to have breakfast now. I have healthy snacks every few hours to help with my metabolism. All my meals are low-calorie. I’ve given up all juices and sodas. My wife has been my personal reminder app — she reminds me to cook healthier and to stick to my better food choices. I also enjoy reading the stories of others who are just like me on the website. I never thought I was going to be able to lose so many pounds during the challenge. When you dedicate yourself to do something good in your life without expecting something in return and you’re helping others change their lives as well — good things come into your life when you least expect it.

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