Gloria Boutte

Gloria Boutte Supercenter #3483; Houma, LA

Supercenter #3483; Houma, LA

I had just lost my mom. I’m by myself now. It was just time to take care of myself after taking care of everyone else. I didn’t have
any more excuses, or anyone left to blame. I was on track making lifestyle changes when I picked up the ZP Challenge book. The convenience of ZP really appealed to me, so I downloaded the app. It doesn’t cost you anything, and that’s unique. It’s free help! I’m cleaning up my eating. I stopped drinking soda and I stopped eating out. I do a lot of food prep and that helps a lot with portion control. You’re actually saving money when you’re not eating out and prepping your food. I’ve been able to get off diabetes meds. People were noticing I was taking off weight and I couldn’t wait to tell people I was getting off the meds, too. When people ask, I tell them that ZP’s book is what they need. Just read it, take it home and download the app.

  • I’ve lost 33 pounds and ZP helps push me to go further.
  • I was on three diabetes meds and I’m off of two of them now.
  • I’m saving $120 a month and I’m setting it aside for my next reunion cruise.
  • I live a little over a mile from work, and now I walk to and from work.

I was looking to incorporate more physical activity in my life. I wouldn’t say “exercise,” but just to be more active in my life. I don’t live that far from work — I was inspired by ZP stories, so I started walking to work. It’s great. I get to work right on time. If I drive to work, I drive home for lunch and then walk back. I walk around my neighborhood, too. I jump rope. I remember when my grandson was visiting and I could maybe do five skips. Now, I can do 40 or 50. My energy level is ten times better. Sometimes for lunch I walk to the health food store and get a smoothie. Before ZP, I never would’ve done that. Our night crew goes to the gym together and I went with them. I’m going to have to try it again a couple more times. I’m so glad I picked up the ZP Challenge book and skimmed through it that first time. ZP encouraged me to try different things. It pushed me farther towards taking good care
of myself.

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