Jamie Anderson

Store #2587; Cabot, AR

Store #2587; Cabot, AR

I weighed 618 pounds seven years ago and I was a broken man. I was so unhealthy and so miserable. I set out to put myself back together. Everyone should know they can x themselves. I’ve been on my weight-loss journey for a long time. It starts with making good decisions. Five years ago, Walmart took a chance on a 600-plus-pound guy and gave me the opportunity to work again. I owe the company my whole new life — they gave me the chance to change. I weighed 450 pounds when ZP Challenge helped me rededicate myself, and I’ve gotten down to about 307 pounds. I’m no longer diabetic; my blood pressure is normal and I no longer have sleep apnea. I’m half the man I used to be now, and I love clicking off my better choices every day. I’ve given up junk food. I’ve realized I associate food with comfort and I’m changing that. We as a society have to learn how to be happy without food as a reward. I eat healthy food and I’m active. I go to the gym, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. ZP reinforces the idea that good health is not owned; it’s rented and the rent is due every day. These easy, daily reminders when you click the app become a part of your life. If you fall, you get back up. With ZP, it’s easy to start and restart. It supports the idea that losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint.

• With ZP, I’ve lost about 140 pounds in 15 months.
• If I get bored, instead of eating some cake, I go to the gym or I walk around the block.
• I had no idea ZP would help me so much in rebuilding my family relationships.
• Physically and mentally — I’m a better man all the way around.

A big part of my ZP was getting to the gym. I average six days a week, twice a day. At rst, all I could do was walk on the treadmill and I couldn’t even walk a whole mile in 45 minutes. I just did what I could. Every time I went to the gym, I tried to do a little better than I did the day before. That’s the key — just keep doing a little bit better and keep at it. You can’t change on your rst day, so you have to just start and then just do a little better. It gets easier. My breathing is better and I’m able to jog a little on the treadmill now. My 23-year-old son is autistic and he lives with me. I’ve had to explain to him that I have to take time away to go to the gym. Now, if I try to take a day off from the gym, he’ll send my gym shorts ying across the room. If that doesn’t work to get me to the gym, he’ll throw my gym shoes at me next. I have an amazing support system of people pushing me to do better. My family, the people at the gym, my associates and my managers are all encouraging me. With better choices, time and support, you can change your life.

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