Jason Fisher

Jason Fisher Store #1510; Florence, KY

Store #1510; Florence, KY

Two years ago, I weighed 315 pounds. I started living a healthier lifestyle and changing my life. Now, I weigh 170 pounds. For me, maintaining a healthy weight has always been harder than losing weight. When ZP’s app came out, I decided to use it to track my workouts and diet. My ZP Challenge has been about sustaining this healthy weight and to be continuously improving my fitness. I work out six days a week and track everything I eat. For instance, I keep my calorie intake down and watch my carb-to-protein balance. I liked that with ZP, you’re really just accountable to yourself. Nobody else can control what you’re doing or what you can achieve. Every day you click off better choices, you’re checking in with yourself and seeing how you’re doing. It really helps to see how you’re progressing and how much you’re accomplishing.

  • I’ve lost a total of 150 pounds over two years.
  • ZP’s app has been an important part of maintaining my weight loss.
  • I have the energy I need to be active with my wife and daughter.
  • Our quality of life has improved a lot.

I’ve been doing some training to run a full marathon and I’ve recently accomplished a strength-training goal for myself. One of my recent goals was to get into the 600 Club at my gym, which is achieved by the combined total of squats, deadlifting and bench pressing, and I did it! I’ll be going for the 700 Club next. Achieving fitness goals is amazing, but my most important moments are the ones I’m spending with my wife and 3-year-old daughter. I don’t worry about not spending enough time with my family now. ZP Challenge keeps me accountable to myself and the quality of our family life. We go on family walks together a few times a week. We started having Fisher Family Funday on Sundays. We dedicate the entire day to being together and active. We have a healthy breakfast together and off we go to the neighborhood parks or the zoo. There’s so many things we can do. ZP Challenge helps me to make the most of my efforts to stay healthy for myself and my family.

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