Jennifer Stenger

Walmart Neighborhood Market #5179; Orlando, FL

Walmart Neighborhood Market #5179; Orlando, FL

I had been in a horrible situation for years. When I finally got out, ZP Challenge helped me get my old self back. I’ve lost weight and quit smoking. I started working out. I’m being more active and doing more stuff with the kids. I’ve saved over $5,000 in seven months. ZP is a good way to keep track of good decisions. Every better choice is a good thing and I get so excited every time I click the button on the ZP app. Coming out of the worst years of my life, I didn’t think I’d ever get my self-confidence back. But with ZP and all the good things I’ve been doing, my confidence came back. I have more energy and I feel younger. I’ve gotten my old self back. I’ve gotten my happiness back. ZP keeps me moving forward.

• I’ve lost 70 pounds and my goal is to lose 30 more.
• After 15 years of smoking, I’ve stopped.
• I’ve saved a lot of money not buying cigarettes and junk food.
• All my things were ruined by Hurricane Irma.
• Winning $5,000 was both great motivation and an enormous relief.

My first challenge was ZP Food. In my past, I did a lot of stress eating, so making better food choices might’ve been the easiest. I drink a lot of water. I follow a diet plan. I am
careful to eat every few hours. I’ve stopped eating junk food, and now I eat protein, vegetables and fruit. I snack on cheese sticks or humus. I do ZP with my mom, my sister and my daughter. My mom has lost 50 pounds and my sister has lost 25 pounds. Four associates at work have joined me and we do meal plans together. I feel like a better person and a better mom. Winning $5,000 makes me more motivated to do even better and help more people change their lives. ZP is an opportunity to make better decisions in life and be rewarded for it in so many ways.

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