Jessey Lynn Casey

Store #2196; Port Angeles, WA

Store #2196; Port Angeles, WA

What do you think makes ZP special?

ZP is something that really encourages you to look at your health. What makes it special is the fact that ZP helps you to better yourself. There are four different ZP Challenge types for you to try – food, family, fitness and money. It’s so hard to get motivated to change, and ZP is a great way to get going. It’s also good for keeping you on track. Even when you don’t think it’s working, you keep going just to see what you can accomplish. Every day, you find yourself getting a little bit better.

How are you doing on your ZP journey?

I’m making better choices in food and eating more vegetables and high-protein food like chicken and fish. I’m eating less carbs and sugars and more balanced meals. We’re planning out our meals at home. I’m getting more exercise. Walking my dog for 30 minutes a day is good for both of us. It’s as easy as that. You just get up and be active once a day. I’m trying different things like exercise programs online and Zumba classes. I’m saving $100 a month by putting money aside each paycheck. I’ve lost 10 pounds and a couple of pant sizes. I had been very ill when I started ZP and I’m feeling so much better. My attitude is better. ZP puts you in a good mood.

What’s the most exciting ZP change in your life?

I’m so happy to have closer relationships. I think it’s very exciting how ZP brings everyone together to focus on healthy things. One of my associates at work encouraged me to try it, and there’s a few of us at the store doing ZP together. I invite people to join me on my walk. My family and I ride bikes together or play disc golf. You set up things for everyone, invite people and encourage them to invite people. ZP gets you gathering the people in your life together. ZP is an amazing way to get everyone going!

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