Judy Tullis

Sam’s Club #4917; Mooresville, NC

Sam’s Club #4917; Mooresville, NC

What’s the most exciting ZP change in your life?

I’ve lost 164 pounds and I feel so good about myself. I used to weigh 309 pounds and I was not happy or healthy. Now, that’s in the past and I am moving forward. I can do so many other things in life. This is the year I ran a 5k race. I can go to the amusement park and ride roller coasters all day long. Every day, I try and be better than the day before.

What’s working for you?

ZP is so easy to follow. It simplifies everything. First thing I did was just get up and start moving. I started doing simple things like taking a leisurely walk. I took an apartment on the third floor so I had to start walking up the stairs if I wanted to get home. Six months later, I could run my first 5k. I cleaned out my cupboards. I took a nutrition class. I took advantage of the things I had available to me. For example, I bring a water bottle to work and ll up at the water dispenser. ZP’s support network is amazing. It’s very difficult to make changes on your own. You need a support system. I really liked the encouragement you get from ZP’s stories. It’s terrific to see how other people are doing things and get great new ideas.

Have there been any surprises on your ZP journey?

I’m a Marine Corps veteran and I would occasionally go to monthly veteran’s functions. About 150 people show up and it’s mainly just socializing. I hadn’t been for a while and when I did go recently, not one person recognized me. People there thought I was a new attendee! I think maybe before ZP, I wasn’t approachable. But, now people treat me differently and we sit and chat. I have a positive attitude. I’m living for myself in a way that I can help others. I’m sure this is how life is supposed to be.

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