Kim Carter

Home Office; Bentonville, AR

Home Office; Bentonville, AR

I want to set a good example for my family and motivate them to start eating healthier and exercising. My parents have diabetes and my aunt had a heart attack. I see them going in the wrong direction. I had already started on my weight-loss journey when the Walton Life Fitness Center started Transformation Challenge. The Transformation Challenge combines ZP Challenge with a personal coach from the fitness center. It’s very special that ZP Challenge is offered through your job and it’s free. A lot of people offering weight-loss help are just out to take your money. ZP Challenge, Walmart and the Walton Life Fitness Center are out to help you because these are people that care about you. I found that ZP Challenge and the added support keeps me on my toes. So far, I’ve gone from a size 26 down to a size 16. Checking in on my goals every day keeps me conscious of my goals and keeps me motivated.

  • When I hit a plateau, ZP Challenge helps me switch things up and get unstuck.
  • I’ve lost 100 pounds so far and my life is changing.
  • I’ve learned to cook with spices and have taken all the added salt out of my diet.
  • ZP Challenge keeps my goals in front of me.

My family eats out every day. They have an entire refrigerator filled top to bottom with soda. I hope to inspire them just to get healthy. I’ve made a lot of changes to my diet on my weight-loss journey. I eat out rarely; twice a month or less. I just drink water. I’m not a big fan of vegetables but I’ve started drinking green smoothies and they’re good. Since ZP Challenge, my tastes have changed. When I started out, I liked sugar and salt and I don’t like much of either anymore. A friend of mine invited me out to the taco fast-food place and found myself thinking it was gross! That kind of food doesn’t taste good any more. The first week or two wasn’t easy, but if you stick with ZP Challenge you can accomplish your goals. I’d like to say to everyone, “I see you.” We’re all real people going through the same kinds of stuff. If you do ZP Challenge and don’t give up, you can change your life.

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