Larry Beverly

Store #1113; London, KY

Store #1113; London, KY

How are you doing on your ZP journey?

Two years ago, I weighed 450 pounds. I had gone to the doctor for a pain in my side. That doctor thought it might be cancer and referred me to another doctor. When I walked into his office, he said, “I can tell you right now what’s wrong with you. You’re fat.” I left thinking that very blunt doctor was a terrible person. But then I realized it was my fault. I had to change my life. I started losing weight. My personnel manager noticed and encouraged me to take ZP Challenge to help stick with it. I’d gotten down to 350 pounds primarily by changing my diet. With ZP, I’ve lost 100 more. ZP’s stories are so inspiring and the way you track things makes you really look at things. I realized I wasn’t active enough. Now, my family and I get out and walk, run and play together.

What’s the most exciting ZP change in your life?

I changed what I eat, and it changed my whole life. I did a lot of research on what I was eating and feeding my family, and it was the worst stuff. It’s pretty terrible what we allow ourselves to eat. People can’t stand to go shopping with me anymore because I read every ingredient list. Now, we don’t eat it unless we know what’s in it.

What do you think makes ZP special?

ZP is selling you zero things. ZP is real-life and no gimmicks. It’s not just about weight loss, ZP’s about changing your life. I’m taking the ZP Money Challenge next after it worked this well for weight loss. You just back off on a few things. You get out of it what you put into it. I’m real-life proof that you can do it. ZP reminds you how important it is to take care of yourself. ZP is all about you and your own power.

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