Nicole Carrick

Nicole Carrick Store #4553; Kansas City, MO

Store #4553; Kansas City, MO

There was a lot going on in my life. Our personnel manager, Pam Schmidt, kept on me to try ZP Challenge. I was feeling like I was losing myself and I was certainly letting myself go. A few years ago, I had a small stroke and I knew I needed to keep taking my health seriously. Pam just kept telling me that it couldn’t hurt to try ZP and she was right. Everyone here at the store is walking together and I’m taking Zumba classes, too. With my ZP Challenge, I’m making better choices like drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables. I stay away from candy and chips. Once I started getting motivated, I started taking more care with how I was cooking, too. I now make salads and bake my chicken or my sh. I’m wearing my size 9 clothes again and that feels much better than wearing a size 18. You know when you’re letting your health go. You can’t wait until something blows up and you’re at the doctor’s office again. With ZP, I’m taking my health seriously again and staying focused. If you want to change your life, you just go out there and take ZP Challenge.

  • I’ve lost 10 or 12 pounds but it’s more important to me that I’m taking care of myself again.
  • I’m learning how to manage my finances on my own after some difficult transitions.
  • Reading other people’s ZP stories is so inspiring. Changing your life is a mind-game and you can do it when you stay motivated and focused.
  • I take the ZP Challenge books to church and share with my fellow members. I tell them that ZP is for everybody.

You know, we all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. I have had to learn how to live on my own and keep food on the table for myself and my boys. One of the things I really like about ZP Challenge is you don’t have to buy all these diet products and pre-packaged food. You shop carefully and you eat real food. I’ve learned to think about what we really need, not what we really want. We don’t eat out much anymore. Every two weeks when I get my paycheck, I pay half my rent. That way, the monthly rent is always paid on time. I set aside a little something from every paycheck. Doing things on my own, with the grace of God and with ZP’s help, I know I can do this. I know I can change some things, live life on my own and be happy.

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