Nina DuPont

Nina DuPont, Transportation Office #6848; Opelousas, LA

Nina DuPont, Transportation Office #6848; Opelousas, LA

My lymph nodes were removed as part of my cancer treatment and now I live with a condition called lymphedema. You swell up in your extremities. My right leg was deformed. Between that and the extra weight, I could barely move. I thought I was dying. My doctor said if I didn’t do something, I’d be bed-ridden in a year. That hit hard. I picked up the ZP book and started reading. Once I realized all the tools I needed were right there in front of me, it all clicked. ZP is guidelines, accountability, inspiration and encouragement — all at the same time. I knew I could do this. I weighed 379 pounds and I’m down to 218 pounds. I’ve made changes in my diet. I was a Dr. Pepper addict and I gave it up. I gave up pasta and breads. The first 5 pounds that came off, with just little changes, felt so good. Then, I started walking. I was so out of shape. That first, three-minute walk was like I had run a marathon. I just kept pushing a little harder and going a little farther. My ZP started with baby steps. You don’t come into this world walking. You scoot, then you crawl, then you walk. With ZP, it doesn’t matter where you are in life when you get started.

  • I was in denial — I just didn’t get what the extra weight was doing to me.
  • I’ve lost 161 pounds and my pain has lessened. ZP gave me back my life.
  • You don’t have to move a lot — you just have to move.
  • I was so focused on my next 21-Day Challenge, I had no idea I would win $25,000. I was beyond surprised.

When I was told I’d be bed-ridden, there were three reasons it hit me so hard. My husband is a Type 2 diabetic, my 24-year-old daughter is in college and my 16-year-old son is autistic. I’m not even 50 years old and I knew things would all fall apart if something happened to me. We’ve changed the way the whole family is eating. My husband has lost 20 pounds. He is feeling, and moving, better. My daughter had gained weight stress-eating in college and she’s lost 15 pounds. My son has lost about 10 pounds. I’ve come to realize just how much family time we were missing out on because I couldn’t walk. Now, we’re able to go bowling and go to the carnivals. It’s amazing the things I can do now. I don’t know if there’s a word for what I was when they presented me with a $25,000 check. I was beyond surprised. It’s been a three-year journey from then to now and I will tell you — ZP is beautiful. It’s for everyone, it’s free, it’ll help you stay on track. From the heart I can say — ZP is life. ZP can give anyone back their life. From the heart, I can tell you, you can do anything with ZP.

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