Scott Harris

Store #1685; Pierre, SD ZP Spring/Summer 2016 $5k Winner

Store #1685; Pierre, SD
ZP Spring/Summer 2016 $5k Winner

What was it about ZP that first appealed to you?

At 42-years old, I had to get a stint put in after a heart attack. I had diabetes and other health issues. I was constantly tired. I had to do something. I set out to lose 100 pounds over the long term. You feel so alone when you start to try and change your life. I read the ZP stories and realized so many other people were struggling to be healthy and going through what I’m going through. ZP is so simple and if so many other people are setting out to do big things and getting it done, so can I. You don’t have to make huge changes. It’s ZP’s little-things approach that appealed to me. It’s easy to do a small thing differently every day. Winning some money, I’ll admit, appealed to me as well.

How are you doing on your ZP journey?

I’ve lost 40 pounds so far. I’m swimming in my clothes. I’m exercising and eating right. I didn’t know it was possible, but my doctor says I’m diabetes free. I feel so much better but the most exciting change is my energy level. I remember having this kind of energy in high school. Twenty years later and I was sleeping all the time. I was wasting my life being tired. Now, I’m doing amazing things. I play basketball with the kids at the gym. I had the energy to teach my daughter to ride a bike and I could run right alongside her. Having the energy to chase my kids around was a big motivation in the beginning of my ZP Challenge.

What would you tell someone who’s new to ZP Challenge?

That ZP is a really cool thing. Nobody’s asking you for anything. You just make small changes and click the button on your ZP app. People can be skeptical but I’ll tell them that ZP’s so easy and it’s for everybody. Money is a great motivator and I didn’t really believe it when I won $5,000. People are amazed that I won $5,000 just by exercising and eating right I tell people, “You’re not alone, the ZP stories will show you. You can change your life,” I’m very thankful to Walmart for giving us ZP and the chance to be able to do better things with our lives.

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