Shakirah Johnson

Shakirah Johnson

Supercenter #2360 Dunwoody, GA
ZP Georgia June 2019 Challenge $5K Winner

I have a really full workload. Being a mom and having a career can be a trying balancing act, but it can be done. I heard about ZP in 2014 when I saw the books in our breakroom. The ZP community is motivating and inspiring. I really loved the idea of having something to hold you accountable. For me, it’s getting the whole work-life balance — especially after I just had my fourth child. My husband and I want to make sure we live a healthy lifestyle with the children. I drink water and make better food choices because whatever I eat, the baby eats. The kids have new snacks like grapes instead of candy. They play sports and will walk around the park with me. The kids have a lot more energy and I have lot more energy. I see the results every day.

• My health has been great — I’ve lost 25 pounds.
• Cutting back on expenses has helped me save $400 a month.
• Every day, I drink at least 100 ounces of water and make better food choices.
• I’m thankful for everything — my family is thriving!

I’ve adopted better financial habits too. I’ve learned how to separate needs and wants and not make spur of the moment purchases. It’s been a really good life change. I cook more at home and don’t eat out as much. I’ve been able to save just by cutting back and utilizing free things. My credit score has gone up about 100 points. My husband and I were just approved for a home loan — that’s a huge milestone. Walmart’s motto is “save money, live better” and I hold true to that. I love the balance of ZP with the healthier lifestyle choices, family choices and finances. Every day is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Go out there and claim it.

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