Stacey Puryear

Stacey Puryear Store #5048; New Hudson, MI

Store #5048; New Hudson, MI

At first, I found ZP Challenge really appealing because it wasn’t like you had to go to the gym all the time or pay out a lot of money on stuff. It wasn’t about huge leaps into doing huge things. It was simple and I thought to myself that I could do it. Simple, better choices like eating salads instead of unhealthy snacks. I eat more protein and vegetables and have found that stops the sugar cravings. I walk four laps around the store on my breaks and, lo and behold, people started joining in and walking with me. We’re starting a community garden behind the store. I started out at 280 pounds and now I’m down to 251 pounds. Nothing else has ever worked for losing weight. So many things in my life are better. With ZP Challenge, it doesn’t matter what your goals are. ZP is simple. It encourages you to start making your own personal goals, do what you can do, make better choices and you can live better.

  • Giant, overwhelming resolutions just set you up for disappointment. Simple choices and encouragement will change your life.
  • I’ve lost about 30 pounds with better food choices and routine exercise.
  • I have newfound energy and mental clarity. I am pain-free now and I feel great!
  • Losing weight and saving money are big wins in life. I had no idea it was possible to win $5,000, too.

It’s been so awesome. For the life of me, I couldn’t hold on to money before ZP Money. Now, I’ve got about $3,000 in savings and I’ve paid off all my debt. I’ve got a clean, new financial start. I started out not buying lunch and putting my change in a piggy bank. It was as simple as not buying things. I opened a savings account in a separate bank so it’s not easily accessible. I could buy my own plane ticket to Florida to visit my parents. Paying for these trips myself means they don’t have to, which helps them. I’ve always found gardening therapeutic and a great way to eat better and build community. I’ve started community gardens and done volunteer work with troubled and disadvantaged inner-city kids for years. I’m very excited about all the great things that are happening with ZP Challenge, for myself and for my community. After having achieved so much with ZP, I had no idea it was possible to win! It’s such an honor. I would like to thank Walmart and ZP for taking an interest in our daily lives. Together, they are changing so many lives.

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