Stephanie Hiquet

Walmart Store #1684; Everett, PA

Walmart Store #1684; Everett, PA

Our lives had been on hold for eight years. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and wanted to stay at home, so my family and I had to help her manage. She passed away earlier this year and I was trying to get back into a routine with my husband and my two sons. We needed a new start. I always like to try and stay healthy, so my ZP Challenge wasn’t about weight loss. My sons have graduated from college and technical school. I needed to get back in touch with them. We started hiking and biking together as a family. We make it a point to have supper together. We go to church with my father on Sundays. We celebrate birthdays and holidays together — we started to look forward. With small changes and better choices, our lives began to transform. With more activity, one of my sons lost 15 pounds and the other one lost 25 pounds. My stamina improved. My mood improved. All these good changes happened at the right time.

• When one chapter of my life closed, I started a new one.
• I’ve passed on better choices to my kids.
• I needed to get back to regular activity and I joined a gym. It just feels good to work out.
• At first, I was in shock when I won $5,000. I couldn’t believe it was happening.

ZP has helped me really focus on what’s important. I set out to save more money. I set it up with our payroll department to have money automatically taken out of my paycheck and put into savings. If you don’t have it, you can’t spend it. I set aside all my ve-dollar bills. Just with that alone, I saved $1,500 in a couple of months. I go to the library and check out movies instead of renting them. We live out in the country. It’s a 22-mile drive to get anywhere. I won’t run a single errand anymore. I plan out my errands and cut out short trips. In six months,
I saved about $9,000. I saved enough money to take us all on a big family trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park in Bryce Canyon, Utah. The most exciting thing has been the change in my kids. They’ve seen how important it is to set goals and be healthy. We’ve been able to help other people that are going through the same things with their loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s. There’s this misconception that ZP Challenge is just about weight loss and it’s really about making positive changes. With ZP, it’s so easy to do. It was so humbling to win $5,000, and now I’m wondering how I can do better. It makes us feel so good to inspire other people.

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