Stephanie Rohrer

Stephanie Rohrer Market #368, AZ

Market #368, AZ

I stumbled upon ZP when I literally stumbled over a ZP Challenge display stand at work. Initially, I thought ZP sounded great but it seemed too simple. I’m a human resource manager and I was spending a lot of time with people that are falling short of success in some way and needed to be empowered to do better in life. I realized we all have that in common. I needed to be that leader in pointing the way. You can make better choices and that includes your mindset. So, I set out to lose some weight with ZP Challenge. I take walks and exercise with online dance videos. I make smoothies, take healthy snacks for lunch, prepare fairly decent meals for dinner. I’ve learned how to cook new things, like quinoa. But, ZP isn’t just about weight-loss; it’s about the whole person. ZP isn’t about being perfect. So, losing some weight is OK, but more importantly I feel like ZP gave me my power back. We all can have the power to be the best version of ourselves. I realized that ZP Challenge and better choices can help.

  • With ZP Challenge, I’ve lost 35 pounds by eating healthier and being more active.
  • ZP Challenge showed me the path and how to take the steps to simply make some changes, invest in myself, overcome obstacles and be the best version of myself.
  • I’m connecting with my family in amazingly new ways.
  • I feel like I’m just getting started with ZP, so I’m still in shock to have won $15,000. It’s so humbling and inspiring.

I didn’t set out on my ZP journey intending to impact my family, but I did. As I got healthier, I noticed family members were also making great choices on their own. My husband and I walk together. My teenage daughter and I are writing a book and we’re so close now. I’ve figured out how to let my 24-year-old son live his own life. ZP Family is helping me figure out the best ways to support them. Our relationships are great now. Life is about the connections we make. It’s about putting all the pieces in place. I’m so grateful for Walmart leadership investing in the overall well-being of its people with ZP Challenge. All of our associates are so unique and ZP Challenge is an opportunity for everyone. It’s a platform to change the world. ZP has been amazing in my life and I hope everyone believes in themselves enough to invest in themselves, make some better choices and empower themselves to triumph in life.

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