Tresa Oldham

Return Center #8098; Bentonville, AR

Return Center #8098; Bentonville, AR

I was desperate. We adopted my daughter, Karolynn, when she was eight. She has difficult intellectual and emotional issues stemming from her traumatic early childhood. At 16 years old, she was obese and she started having panic attacks. She’d have breakdowns over buying new clothes. She was going through a lot of stuff. I had so much sympathy for her that I would let her have anything she wanted. If she was having a bad day, she would come home to brownies and chocolate milk. I used food as “the x” and that was completely wrong. I started my ZP Challenge because I had to do something both for, and with, Karolynn. We have new ways of eating and we’ve gotten more active. ZP helped me to look at the underlying emotional issues. Karolynn and I have lost 85 pounds combined. I knew we’d feel better and I expected she’d have less anxiety if we lost weight, but I didn’t see how much it would change our lives. She has so much confidence now and she’s engaged with life. I’m so grateful to Walmart for believing in their associates and caring enough to give ZP to us. My family and I wouldn’t be where we are today if I hadn’t had ZP when I needed it.

  • I’ve lost 40 pounds and my daughter, Karolynn, has lost 45 pounds.
  • We’ve learned how to eat healthier. We prepare food with coconut oil, for example.
  • I’m so grateful I had ZP when I needed it the most. • Never even dawned on me that I’d win $15,000.
  • I was blown away. It’s all just so wonderful.

One thing I really liked about ZP is you make your own decisions and make changes in your own way. We learned how to eat and how to prepare things. We stay away from fast food and eat a lot of chicken and sh. We eat things that are green and healthy. Our whole thought process about food has changed. It hadn’t occurred to me before, but food that is in boxes is made to last, so it’s full of preservatives. We eat fresh food now. We’ve taught ourselves to eat small portions and have grown accustomed to it. Food is fuel. Who says there needs to be three meals a day? If you’re not hungry, don’t eat. Your body will tell you when it needs fuel. I didn’t think we could do it, but once we got started it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Having the ZP app to rely on was huge. It’s like having a 24-hour coach. No matter how good any program is, you need the support and the encouragement. Every single day, bit-by-bit, the motivation and inspiration are there with ZP. I only wonder how I missed it before. ZP Challenge has been right there in front of me this whole time.

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