ZP Better Choices

ZP Challenge is making better choices for 21 days towards accomplishing great things in your life. There are four types of ZP Challenge – ZP Food, ZP Family, ZP Money or ZP Fit – You can take one, or a combination or all four. ZP Challenge can be whatever you want it to be. Identify your goals and make Better Choices: Easy, practical changes in your days – You choose the things that can work for your life. Have a banana instead of a candy bar (ZP Food), call a distant relative to check in (ZP Family), shop the garage sales (ZP Money), take a quick walk on breaks (ZP Fit). There are so many ways to make better choices – check out some of the ways people are changing their life, try the things that fit your ZP Challenge and if you’ve got a great, easy, “Better Choice”, please share with us.

Download ZP’s mobile app for keeping track – every day, click off the better choices you’ve made. When you complete your 21 days of better choices, you have your chance to enter for a chance to win cash prizes. Small changes can have real results, and after 21-days of better choices, see what a difference you can make in your life.

A few minutes of stretching when you first get out of bed is a better choice with some amazing potential results. Reportedly, stretching increases circulation to the muscles and the brain – giving you a nice boost first thing. You may feel better instantly and have extra motivation to get going with your busy day. Take your first ZP Fit better choice click for the day when you stretch first thing.

Your ZP power to change your life comes with a practical, manageable approach to your goals in food, fitness, family or money. Always remember – making better choices every day can lead to real results. If life takes a turn and you miss a day – that’s OK; it happens to everyone. You just pick up where you left off. Your 21-day ZP Challenge will fly by and your real results will be great! Just take it one day at a time.

Any new activity or routine that shakes things up a little and brings something different, no matter how tiny or enormous, is a better choice. Trying new ways for healthy eating or saving money or strengthening relationships or moving around – any time you’re making new things happen, any small and thoughtful change – that’s a better choice. If you love it – YAY! If it’s not for you, try something ELSE new!

Packing a lunch is a better choice for all-ages. Healthier food on a budget – all great things. Think about asking your kids what they’d like to see in their lunches, look for fun, affordable lunch boxes or bags together, check out fun creative recipes online – make packing lunches an opportunity to talk about things and to make those lunches really great and fun for your kids. School lunches can equal better choices in ZP Food, ZP Money and ZP Family!

Gearing up for getting the kids back to school comes with lots of “to-do’s”, but if you’re keeping an eye on the budget, make a point to do a look-see around the house first. Check closets, drawers, backpacks, bookshelves – anywhere there might just be leftover school supplies collecting dust. Round up all the supplies you have in a central location, compare your collected supplies with your school supply shopping list and take your ZP Money “Better Choice” before you even get going to the stores!

It’s amazing what a difference small changes can make. One of our amazing ZP Heroes shared her amazing successes in getting her finances under control. She started with collecting and keeping all her bills in one, dedicated spot in her home. Getting things organized can be simple and can set you up to meet your goals!

We’ve learned so much from our friends in fitness. Many fitness centers genuinely want you to get moving and feel great – they may have special programs or promotions that’ll get you going! In today’s world of “Special offers” and “Limited time promotions”, we understand being skeptical. But, don’t let that prevent you from taking advantage of legitimately great opportunities available! Make the better choice of checking out what your local fitness center has to offer – they may have specials or programs that match your goals and match your ZP Money better choices, too!

Many people have shared amazing results in strengthening, or repairing, relationships with better choices in communicating. Reaching out to check in is the first step. We know that while we may love our text messaging best – some people may prefer email. Or, might like chatting on the phone or a hand-written letter. Everyone is different and when you chose the MODE of communication that best suits the person you care to check in with, your better ZP Family choice can resonate even more.

Taking a little extra time to check out all the options is a better choice that can go a long way in smart and healthy shopping. Compare for price, contents and quality – consider all the variables. A quick online check of stores, sales and current product information before you buy makes savvy shopping easier and more effective. Every time you compare and contrast – you’re making a better ZP money choice.

One of the many things people love about ZP Challenge is the freedom from guilt. With ZP, you make your own better choices that work for your own life – and if you need to take a breather to regenerate, that’s fine. There’s no beating yourself up over missing a day at the gym or resting a sore muscle. In fact, resting and regenerating can be the better choice. You can avoid burning out or setting yourself for an injury when you go easy on yourself sometimes. Your ZP Fit Challenge’s pace is up to you.

Did you know that if you clean or change out the air filters in your car or furnace, you could improve efficiency AND possibly extend the life-span? Do a little checking and we think you’ll find these things are easy enough to do and takes just a few minutes – instructions will be in the manuals. If it’s hard to remember, link routine household or vehicle maintenance with calendar milestones, like the first day of any given month. Every time you make a point to get those routine maintenance tasks done, take your ZP Money checkmark and pat yourself on the back for getting your money’s worth out of your big-ticket stuff.

Switch one soda for water a day, you’ll save 7,000 calories in a month, and that could equal 2 pounds of weight loss. Just giving up that one soda a day! You can also set aside your soda money, which could add up to $30 a month, while earning 2 checkmarks every day – one for ZP Food, and one for ZP Money.
Make your meals go farther by serving them on smaller plates. This little trick of the eye can help you eat less, too! Awareness of portion size can go a long way in managing both your calorie intake and your household budget. “Less is more” is a good way to look at and think about your ZP Challenge.
When life gives you lemons, make lemon water! Water instead of sugary soft drinks is a small change with big results. You can add some flair and flavor (not to mention some vitamins) to your healthy hydration. Squeeze 1⁄4 lemon’s juice into your 16 oz. of water and for about 25¢ – you’ve made your better choice even better, and can earn an extra ZP Food checkmark, too!
ZP is so many fun stories of people making small changes with heart-warming results. Many of our ZP Challenge stories are about spending more time being active together with their friends and family, and that includes our furry friends! One of our ZP heroes reports her dog lost 10 pounds during her ZP Challenge, and they’re both so much happier and healthier. Every time you go walking with your sidekick, you get a ZP Fit and a ZP Family checkmark for the day.
A few kind words, thoughtfully presented and sent in the mail may sound old-fashioned, but the gesture can make anyone feel special. Send a note to your co-workers, family, or friends – anyone who should know how great they are and how much you treasure them. $1.50 a card and .49¢ postage + your good heart = $2.00 for a beautiful gesture that shows how much you appreciate the people in your life. Your effort and care can be more special than a gift, and you get ZP Family and ZP Money checkmarks for the day.
Lots of ZP folks have simply switched to oatmeal for breakfast. Easier and quicker than eggs and bacon, folks have enjoyed both lowering that cholesterol and losing some pounds. Hearty and healthy, oatmeal has so many delicious possibilities – add fruit, add a splash of maple syrup, it’s up to you! A serving of oatmeal fits nearly all budgets at approx. 20¢ or less per serving. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love our bacon, but save bacon for special occasions! You’ll be celebrating soon enough once you’ve earned those ZP Food and ZP Money checkmarks, just for powering up with oatmeal!
There are so many imaginative ways to make better choices. If you’re having a hard time starting or sticking with a money saving effort, you’re not alone. Amazing things are happening all over the world when small groups of people join together in their savings goals. “Merry-go-rounds” or “Savings clubs” all have slightly different aspects, but the core idea is the same – people pulling together to achieve goals in saving. Check out “Social savings clubs” or “Money clubs” or “Merry go round savings” online and see how combining small social-group efforts and money goals might work for you. Be sure to take those ZP Challenge clicks, too!

The “Buddy System” is a helpful tool for any effort or undertaking. People working together to help each other is a time-honored tradition with great results. Make 21-days of better choices with another person (new friends, family members, work associates – everyone’s welcome to take ZP Challenge) a joint-venture. Having an “Accountability Partner” to trade tips and check in with may make your ZP Challenge even more fun and successful. And, for every better choice you log, take a “ZP Family” better choice, too, because when you’re doing great things together – you’re building great relationships, too.

The kids are headed back to school and the switch from summer to the school year might be jarring and maybe cause some anxiety for everyone. One easy way to help ease the transition is to reset the routine a few days in advance. Set the alarm, have breakfast, chat, head to the car or the bus stop – practice runs might help with “First Day” jitters by setting yourselves up for a smooth and solid school-day routine and be sure to click off your ZP Family Better Choices!

We all love our TV shows but maybe not so much the commercials. We also love how much small changes can lead to real results. Even just a few minutes of activity can help with your fitness, so make a better choice during the commercial breaks and jog in place, do some stretches or take a lap around the house. A little burst of movement might also help you ignore the temptations of advertising and lead to better spending choices. Take that commercial time back for yourself and enjoy the results.

We often hear that our ZP Heroes are accomplishing their goals in healthier eating with better choice side dishes – steamed or grilled vegetables, salads, baked sweet potato slices. Take your ZP Food Challenge click for the day when you switch your sides!

With ZP Money, better choices and small changes can really help you build more financial security. When using credit wisely or looking at home or auto loans, double (maybe even triple) check the details of the interest terms and if something’s unclear – ask around. Being extra interested in credit or loan interest is a great better choice you can make for yourself!

What do arugula, coffee, pure chocolate and dill have in common? A hint of bitterness that may serve to help curb cravings for sweets and perhaps moderate hunger. Research indicates many probable health benefits from incorporating some bitter balance into your diet. Many gourmet kitchens appreciate the added dynamic of including bitter ingredients to meals. When you make your ZP “better choice” with a “bitter choice”, you may be surprised to find this unlikely hero in the struggle with moderating sugar and you absolutely get to take your ZP Food Challenge click for the day.

Have you heard that walking backwards could increase your fitness results? We’re amazed by reports that walking backwards could positively change the results you’re achieving from your walks! Of course, safety first – either be sure to check over your shoulder frequently for obstacles or invite a buddy to walk forward with you – just be sure to have eyes on what’s ahead. Trying something new also helps keep your activities fresh and interesting. Keep your motivation going and take those ZP Fit checkmarks!

Your family, friends and the people you work with are what makes up your days. Most of the time for the better, but sometimes…..You’ve heard it before but every time your child or your bestie or someone you work with or the family dog is making you a little crazy, push pause. Under react. Take a minute. Recalibrate. It’s a better choice to put a little break in things when they’re difficult and you may find that will improve the end results. Works in every way, in conversation, in email, in texts, in person. No matter what, take your ZP Family checkmark every time you take a pause.

A ZP pursuit that equals better choices in all four – Food, Family, Fitness and Money – Challenges: Gardening! The easy activities involved with tending your garden can be a low-impact work-out. Eating more fruits and vegetables is always a great choice. Have you’ve ever had trouble getting the kids to eat their vegetables? ZP Winner Stacey Puryear says that while volunteering with inner-city youth she learned, “If they grow it, they will eat it.” Growing your own fruits and vegetables can shave a few dollars off the grocery bill and it’s a great activity for all ages so all your friends and family can join you outside playing in the dirt. Multi-task your way into all four ZP checkmarks every day you let your garden grow.

Many of our ZP heroes are examining the things they eat and moving away from pre-packaged and processed foods. One great ZP winner went so far as to say that if it’s a box, it stays on the store shelf. With those daily-life decisions comes your ZP Challenge checkmark. Making the better choice to choose your meal ingredients and prepare your meals with the knowledge of what’s in them could go a long way in real results from your ZP Food Challenge.

Walking the kids to or from school, walking to the grocery store with the family – walking instead of driving those day-to-day errands is a great way to get some exercise and spend more time together. You also save some gas money. At $3.00 a gallon, you can save up to a tank of gas a month cutting down on the short trips. That’s $45 in your pocket just for walking! You can earn one checkmark for ZP Fit, one for ZP Money, and if you have the family join – one for ZP Family for 3 checkmarks total, every time you walk your errands.
ZP always encourages creativity and individuality. You can create your own special “Piggy Bank” by repurposing any container for putting aside your spare change, and you save the money you might’ve spent buying one. One of our ZP Heroes made a piggy bank out of an old pretzel jar with his son. You’re saving money FOR saving money. And you’ll be doubling down and earning two ZP Money Checkmarks for your efforts. ZP is about creative ways for you to make better choices and have fun with it.
The average price of a coffee-stand latte is $3.25. Make your coffee at home at approx. 25¢ a cup, make it the way you want and put your latte money aside. If you’re buying lattes or espresso drinks 4x per week, when you make coffee at home instead you’ll be saving $48.00 a month, and with every cup of home-brewed coffee, you get your daily ZP Money checkmark.
You don’t have to go “fat free” to make a better choice. Try olive oil, a heart healthy fat, instead of butter or other oils and fats. Thrifty shoppers can buy olive oil for approx. $6.00 a quart, which is a month’s worth of cooking and salad dressings, and earn ZP Food checkmarks every single time you use olive oil. Every time you find a great sale on olive oil, take that ZP Money checkmark, too.
We don’t mean put your forks down entirely or forever, that’d be silly! What we’ve heard are wonderful stories from our ZP Community about how putting your fork down between every bite has changed their lives. Paying attention to the pace of your meals reportedly helps with digestion, and satisfaction – you may come to feel fuller and by extension eat less. It’s a simple trick, and we’ve heard time and time again that it works. Practice putting your fork (or spoon) down between every bite and for every meal you do it – take your daily ZP Food Checkmark.
ZP Challenge is about having fun making changes. A deck of cards or a board game is a fun and social way to help earn those ZP Family checkmarks. Every time you bring people together for some friendly games, you get all the fun and a ZP Family checkmark! For thousands of fun get-togethers, your average board game is $15.00, or a deck of cards is $2.00. The average cost of one family outing to the movies is $32.00, and every time you spend your fun time at home, you can set the savings aside! Take your ZP Money checkmark, too. Playing can have big results!