Bryam Torres

Distribution Center #7036; Sealy, Texas

Distribution Center #7036; Sealy, Texas

I immigrated to the United States alone and it was hard. When I first came here, I didn’t speak English. I learned the language by listening to the radio. I went to work for Walmart and my boss told us about ZP Challenge. Everything about it appealed to me. I went to the website and I saw people helping themselves to be better. Back in Colombia, I was a soccer player and I was doing well. I injured my knee and it ended my dreams to play professionally. It was very painful. I was unable to function and I had no money to x it. I had to do something. I unblocked my mind and ZP Challenge helped me to see that you can change your life with little things. Every morning, I would get up and play soccer and concentrate on using my other foot. I would jog a little bit. With ZP, I recovered. Now, I play soccer again on a winning team with some of my associates. There are a lot of people just like me that are struggling in life. ZP Challenge is an opportunity for everyone to overcome their struggles.

  • ZP Challenge has been a big part of my recovery from a knee injury and being able to play soccer again.
  • Being a part of ZP has helped people get to know me better and helped me to make friends.
  • ZP Money helps me manage to pay tuition, help my parents and I have opened a savings account. I have $600 in savings right now!
  • Winning $25,000 is something that I will never forget. Something this amazing will never happen again and I will be sure to share it with my community.

With ZP Challenge, you don’t have to do anything big. Just do little things and make better choices. I started doing ZP Fit and ZP Food to heal, get back to playing soccer and feel better. Then, I took ZP Money and learned how to save. I just started by putting $5 or $10 aside. Sometimes just $3, but I kept going. I couldn’t believe I was actually paying all my bills and saving money. Being able to save money as well as to be able to share with others feels great. I will be putting my ZP Challenge prize money into savings and I will be able to help my parents more. They gave up a lot for me to be able to pursue my dreams. I must thank ZP and Walmart. It’s so amazing to nd people that really care and that actually change lives. You can make really great things for your life with ZP.

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