Christine Hymes

Christine Hymes, Sam’s Club #6314; Sheffield Village, Ohio

Sam’s Club #6314; Sheffield Village, Ohio

I’ve never been real skinny. When I left Sam’s Club and took a desk job, I ended up just sitting all day long and gained so much weight. I also started getting stomach cramps, along with having headaches and just always feeling sick. It seemed I was always getting a cold or something. I was depressed and would come home and just watch TV and eat snacks. I was on a vacation in Florida with my family when I knew it was time to make some changes. I was in this beautiful place, but my clothes didn’t fit and I wasn’t enjoying it at all. Now I’m back working as a manager at Sam’s Club and it makes me feel good that the company is promoting healthy changes with ZP. Sam’s is a positive, high-energy culture, and it’s inspiring to see all of these people in our work network who are making great changes. ZP isn’t just about weight loss, and I like that too. There are different avenues that you can follow to change the quality of your life. It’s incredible how I feel now. At my heaviest I was 240 pounds and I’m now down to 140. I’m turning 30 in August and I feel the best I ever have.

  • Losing 100 pounds has me feeling amazing.
  • I pack all my snacks for work every day — snap peas are great!
  • Working at Sam’s Club is fast-paced, with a new challenge every day and plenty of steps while walking the club.
  • I have more money for my 401(k) and for traveling now that I’m not spending as much on eating out.

My food choices have gone through an evolution. I used to drink a lot of sugary drinks and eat lots of carbs — spaghetti and other noodles. I would go out to eat all the time and I ate anything I felt like. About three years ago, I changed my diet and was eating a lot of rice cakes and drinking fruit juices. Where I’m at now is a total change from even then. I’m more balanced and much healthier with my food. For breakfast, I might have scrambled eggs with garlic and spinach. I’m eating raw nuts and a lot more vegetables for snacks. I’m also 100 percent gluten free now and feel better than I ever have. If you’re thinking about making healthy changes, ZP is a great place to start!