Crystal Stanfield

Crystal Stanfield Store #699; Oxford, MS

Store #699; Oxford, MS

My biggest issue with losing weight has always been staying motivated. I’m a stress eater. I had lost some weight, then had a baby and put
it all back on. I started reading the ZP books at work and decided to start back at losing some weight. I needed to be setting a better example at home. I don’t want my babies to be overweight and to get picked on. This time, with ZP’s app, it’s been so easy. You download the app, do healthier things and click off your better choice. It’s perfect. I ride my bike or walk to work instead of driving. I’m saving money bringing lunch to work. That’s $50 a week going to the bills instead. Plus, now I put $50 from each check into savings. One of the easiest better choices to make is spending more time with my family. I work out and take Zumba classes. I’ve made very close friends and we work out together weekly. It really helps me to have these bonds. The possibilities are endless with ZP and the community stories are always there for motivation. Now, my energy is through the roof and I’m always motivated to go farther and do better.

  • Before ZP Family, I didn’t realize how much time I was NOT spending with my kids. Now, we’re always going or doing something together and being a family.
  • I’ve lost 80 pounds cleaning up my meals and exercising with the kids or my friends.
  • ZP’s app is perfect. There isn’t a better way to change your life with ZP Challenge.
  • I’m on top of the world since winning $10,000. Not in a million years would I have seen that coming.

With ZP Food, I plan healthy meals and stick with them. I eat carrots instead of chips for snacks. Bringing my lunch to work was also a part of cleaning up my nutrition. I love zucchini and work it into our meal plans. We love to make fajita bowls for dinner. I prepare enough baked chicken, rice, onions and peppers for four days-worth of meals. Now, my energy is through the roof and I’m determined to keep going further and doing better. Winning the ZP Challenge came completely out of the blue. My goal was simply to lose weight but so many amazingly great things have happened. I’m so grateful to everyone and I want to be sure to thank Walmart for offering us, especially our store, this wonderful opportunity. Lots of people feel under-appreciated in life and I think ZP Challenge shows that they are here to try to help us feel better. ZP shows that we’re all appreciated. Everyone should take ZP Challenge.