Darren Reisinger

Darren Reisinger Supercenter #1448; Ashland, OH

Darren Reisinger
Supercenter #1448; Ashland, OH

It’s amazing how many people ZP has helped. I read through the materials and was really impressed. ZP is real people telling real stories. People making great things happen for themselves and their families. I was so inspired. I started my ZP Challenge weighing 285 pounds. My goal was to lose 75 and I’ve exceeded it, mainly with better food choices. We take care of our 43-acre farm together as a family. We’re cutting and baling hay and taking care of livestock. It used to be I was winded just walking up the hills, but not anymore. Now, I’m physically able to help out a lot more. I used to sleep 12 hours a day and now I sleep a lot less and a lot better. I’m taking on ZP Fit now, exercising for tone. I’ve joined a gym and I’m doing a little bit of everything. Last time I went to the doctor’s, my cholesterol and my blood pressure were both significantly improved. I was amazed. No — I was extremely amazed! With ZP, I will get to live a longer and happier life with my family.

  • I started ZP with better food choices and I’ve lost 110 pounds.
  • I am watching not just what I eat, but how much I eat.
  • I’m living on the healthy side of life now.
  • When I was presented with a $15,000 check for winning — I think I cried a little. ZP is an amazing thing.

I started making better food choices by cutting out sugar. I was drinking up to six liters of soda or lemonade a day, but no more. I quit that cold turkey and I never went back. First, I started changing how much I was eating, and then I started changing what kinds of things I was eating. I have fruit and protein smoothies in the morning and salads with meat. Then, we stopped eating out. I was always told that eating healthy and eating fresh foods would be more expensive, but it’s really not. I’m saving money with my better food choices. I’m saving $7, five days a week, not eating out. Once in a while I splurge and go out to eat, but I take home half of my meals. I’m saving a lot more money than I used to and I’m setting it aside. ZP will be your reminder and your back up. My ZP was simply to lose weight, get healthy and have a better life with my family. I never thought I’d win money. I was so very surprised. ZP is an amazing thing — it opened my eyes to all the different possibilities for changing my life. I have to thank Walmart for bringing ZP to us, my associates for listening to me every single day, and of course, my wife and kids. It’s the greatest feeling to get healthy and to win money for it. I hope to encourage everyone to start up their ZP, keep going, tell your story and never, never give up.