Deanna Smith

Deanna Smith, Sam’s Club #6448; New Port Richey, FL

Sam’s Club #6448; New Port Richey, FL

Life got really rough for me for a while. Shortly after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, I became a single mother and it was us against the world. I was really broke, just living place to place. I knew I needed to make changes for my son. With ZP, I found a non-judgmental group of support and encouragement. I can be very open about where I’m at. It’s such a diverse community with different stories, but everyone is here for the same reason — to better themselves. It’s been inspirational and reassures me that even when I have moments that make me feel alone, I know I’m not really by myself. It’s been an overpowering amount of support for me. For the first time in my life, I feel like others are behind me while I make changes. My sister is doing ZP with me and has also been right by my side. We’re incorporating my son in everything we do. The three of us go everywhere together and we put a positive outlook on everything we’re changing. It’s positive eating, being positive with money and having a positive outlook on life.

  • Cutting out junk food, soda and snacks helped me lose over 40 pounds.
  • I’m getting more daily steps by walking customers to where something is at instead of telling them.
  • Every day, my sister acts as another positive family influence in my son’s life.
  • Any extra money goes into my son’s account so I can give him a future I never had.

We’re following a healthier eating style now, and it’s helped me lose 45 pounds so far. We’re eating more low-carb and took out all the bad foods. I never really cooked much before, but now my sister and I share time while looking at recipes, going shopping and making the meals. I incorporate my son too. He’s at that age where he wants to help and explore everything. Cooking has become another way to gain a new sense of connection for all of us. With ZP, I’m finding myself, becoming that person who I’m meant to be and not what I think everyone else wants to see. I’m gaining confidence I’ve never had. I can never go back to that person I used to be — not physically, not mentally, not ever. I can only grow from here.