Deborah Jenkins

Deborah Jenkins Store #2096; Warminster, PA

Store #2096; Warminster, PA

I’ve lost some weight and I’m tting into my smaller size clothes again, but what matters to me is that I feel better. A little while back, my foot had become really swollen and it turned out to be a terrible infection. I ended up having to go into surgery and take time away from work to heal. That experience was my wake-up call. When I read the ZP Stories, I really related to the people and the personal stuff they were going through. I set out on my ZP Challenge to get healthier. It’s not always convenient to go to the gym so I’m walking more. I walk around the parking lot on my breaks and now some of our associates will join me. I like that about ZP Challenge. It’s so easy to get involved.

  • I’ve lost 35 pounds and kept it off. More importantly, I’m feeling better.
  • I watch my sodium intake and read labels.
  • I’m spending money a little differently and saving a little bit more.
  • ZP Challenge is an easy way to latch on to living better.

ZP Challenge has inspired me to look at different ways of eating. I’ve gotten a lot of great insight from ZP Champion Evelyn Medina about healthy eating. I watch my sodium intake. I eat more multi- grains, for instance quinoa or black bean chips. I’ve switched from regular milk to almond milk. My associates and I have made a few of the ZP recipes and we couldn’t believe how good they are. I’m a single mom and I have a child I need to be there for. We’re eating healthier; less sugar and more vegetables. My daughter is the only child I know that will eat broccoli. I’m making better choices in how I buy food and we’re cooking together at home. We’ve always been close, but now we’re closer. I’m so glad Walmart offers ZP Challenge. It’s great to have this easy way for us to connect and be involved in making better choices.