Donald Gross

Donald Gross, Supercenter #2027; LaVale, MD

Supercenter #2027; LaVale, MD

  • ZP Challenge gives me accountability. Punching in those numbers on the app everyday really keeps me going. I really got serious about making a lifestyle change when the doctor told me yet again, my blood work came back not so good. I had been eating a lot of junk food and drinking sweet tea, which is my favorite. Once I started making better choices with my eating habits like cutting out all sweets and replacing sweet tea with water, I started to notice a huge change in my weight. Now I eat everything in moderation. My wife and I have been saving a lot of money by not eating out as much and buying groceries in bulk. We enjoy going on bike rides together. We started out slow, but kept pushing ourselves to go a little bit farther each ride.
  • I cut down on my usual sweet tea intake of 32 ounces a day, to only a little or none at all.
  • My wife and I are able to bike for 20 miles now.
  • I have lost 31 pounds and feel fantastic.
  • My blood pressure used to be around 139, but is now around 106.

My wife and I have started holding each other accountable for what we are eating and it helps that we are losing the weight and making the changes together. Something else that is really working for me is to think of my calories for the day like money. For my body type, I get about 1,800 “dollars” a day so I have to think what I want to spend it on that day. We normally stick to foods like grilled chicken and veggies with no added carbs or sugars. People have really noticed that I have lost weight, especially my doctor. ?hen I finally went back to see him, he noticed I lost 28 pounds. I told him the next time he saw me
I would look even more different. I am really motivated when people give me compliments or take notice to my hard work. I want to inspire other people to live a healthier lifestyle. Once you practice good habits and see a difference, you want to keep going! Small changes are a great start and making one better choice at a time has kept me driven.