Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to make a difference in my life – How do I take the ZP Challenge?
Good for you taking this first step to happier, healthier days! ZP is free, and you get started by downloading the ZP App to your mobile device (available for both Android and iOS) or downloading an entry here on Choose the type of ZP Challenge – Money, Food, Fit or Family – that best suits you. You can take one or any combination of ZP Challenges. You simply make better choices for 21 days. One better choice or however many better choices you can make, and keep track with ZP checkmarks. It’s that easy! After 21 days of better choices, congratulate yourself and enjoy your accomplishment.

How do I win one of ZP’s cash prizes?
Once you’ve completed your ZP Challenge, you get your chance at cash prizes simply by entering. Eligibility and other contest rules are available here:

There are 4 types of ZP Challenges – Do I have to take them all?
ZP Challenge is uniquely customizable for you and your life. Identify your goals and take the challenge (or challenges) – ZP Fit, ZP Family, ZP Food and/or ZP Money – that best fits you. You can take one or any combination of challenges. Embark on your own unique journey towards positive change – ZP is meant to work for everyone.

Can I take ZP Challenge, and enter to win, more than once?
Yes! You can take ZP Challenge, make as many better choices as you can for the next 21 days and submit an entry as many times as you like. Every ZP Challenge is a chance to change your life and win a cash prize.

How do I earn a checkmark?
Better choices = checkmarks. ZP checkmarks are thoughtful, easy small changes in fitness, family, money and food. You can be creative and you can have fun. Here is a set of examples of better choices our ZP community are making:

  • ZP FIT: “I went for a walk with my friend.”
  • ZP FOOD: “I skipped the mayo on my sub.”
  • ZP MONEY: “I put the change in my pocket in a piggy bank.”
  • ZP FAMILY: “I told my daughter how much I love her.”

Where can I find support?
Team ZP is here for you. If you have any questions about how you can get the most out of your ZP Challenge, feel free to call or text us at 1-855-934-3897 or email [email protected].

How do I find the ZP community?
You can join the ZP community on Facebook [] and on Instagram []. Keep up on all the great thing ZP and our community is doing and sign up for ZP NEWS, our monthly email newsletter.

Can I invite my friends and family to take ZP Challenge?
Please do! ZP believes in supporting our communities and families. Anyone can take ZP Challenge and achieve great things with small changes and better choices. You can send anyone you care about an invitation to take ZP with our “Give ZP” feature.

Where can I find more about ZP?
ZP actively encourages real-life people to share their amazing and inspirational ZP Stories, contribute to their communities and support one another. You can find ZP Stories from our amazing community in ZP’s app feed, here at or in the printed materials that may be available in your workplace. We believe in you and we believe in letting every one of you tell your own ZP stories of small changes for big results.