Lawrence Verissimo

Lawrence Verissimo Distribution Center #6094; Bentonville, AR

Distribution Center #6094; Bentonville, AR

I was in a bit of a black hole. I’d been overweight my entire life. I felt like people were embarrassed to be seen with me. I weighed 340 pounds and I had no social life. I liked eating way too much. I decided enough was enough. With ZP Challenge, I started a very low carb diet, drinking water and cutting back on my portions. I’ll eat some cheese, but I don’t eat a whole brick of it. I started going to the gym and walking around Lake Bella Vista. Two months in, after having lost my first 40 pounds, I could definitely tell I was changing my life. My clothes were baggy and my mindset shifted. I’m way more mindful about money. I moved back to Arkansas because my parents are aging and my whole family is here. I’m spending a lot of good quality time with them and really having fun. My whole perspective on life changed. Making your life better is a challenge and I’m so grateful that Walmart offers ZP. It’s an amazing tool to help make us all happier.

  • I’ve lost 110 pounds and exercise seven days a week.
  • I’ve gotten $9,000 worth of credit-card debt down to approximately $300.
  • I’ve cut out sugar and processed foods.
  • There was a stupid smile on my face when I found out I had won $5,000. This win made me want to do better, set new goals and help others to change their lives.

Before ZP, I was a hermit. I just alternated from being at work and being at home. ZP has really opened doors for me. I’m so much happier and outgoing. A few guys at our facility have had great results with ZP Challenge and our Donnie Brashears is a ZP Champion. He’s in amazing shape! Robert Slyter’s win motivated me to push harder. There’s a whole community around Donnie that work out at the Walton Life Fitness Center. There’s so much motivation and bonding there. Everyone has an awesome attitude. ZP’s community is very special. Everyone is taking ZP Challenge to genuinely make their lives better. The commitment and the devotion is truly inspiring and now people tell me I’m an inspiration. I’m really excited to share my story and I’m really excited to meet new ZP goals!