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LeeAnn Leaks Store #2728; Decatur, IL

Store #2728; Decatur, IL

I was at a point where I was a little burned out on running. I needed to get back to it. I found the ZP Challenge materials at work and decided to learn more about it. I found ZP’s mix of helping others, keeping myself accountable and the potential to win money very appealing. I also liked how the four types of challenges—food, family, fitness and money—interact for you. You can’t do a lot of fitness when you’re eating poorly. I’m far more aware of what I’m eating. One of my children is a high-school football lineman and he needs specific meals for his size. Now, we preplan and send meals to school with both kids. We’re all eating better and we save probably $60 a month. We’re walking more, running together and we talk more. I hear more about their lives that I might not otherwise hear in all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. ZP’s not just about weight loss or saving money; it’s more than just one thing. ZP Challenge is the whole package.

  • I ZP to keep myself accountable. ZP Challenge is what keeps me going.
  • I think about what is really going to fuel our bodies. Fruits and vegetables really do help.
  • We’re saving money and supporting our kids with preplanned, homemade school lunches.
  • Getting other people involved, being more active with the kids, that’s why ZP is so special.

Since ZP Challenge, I have more stamina. I don’t get that afternoon sluggishness. I feel fantastic. When I started back up with marathon running, my husband and I also added Cross t to our routines. I’ve lost inches and gained muscle. My husband and I recently competed in our first Cross t tournament and we placed 30 out of 46 couples. My whole family runs together and it’s pretty cool. When my son signed to play college football, that was my eureka moment. That’s when it hit me that with ZP Challenge, it’s all coming together for everyone.