Liz Cardona

Liz Cardona Store #2501; Bayamón, P.R. ZP Challenge $5K Winner

Store #2501; Bayamón, P.R.
ZP Challenge $5K Winner

One day, I came out of my office and saw a Thrive with ZP book. When I read it, I learned that Thrive with ZP was a movement for people to make better choices. It gave me the motivation I needed to change. I lost 10 pounds in my first Thrive ZP Challenge. After that, the pounds kept coming off. I started to integrate better eating and exercise into my routine. I’m a bit of a shy person, so I don’t like going to gyms. The fitness I do is at home. I pump up my stereo and dance to music. Since losing weight, the change has been huge. I can focus, I have more energy and my job has improved a lot. It’s even helped inspire my family. My husband is losing weight and my daughters are eating better food. I never thought I could lose weight, but now I think I can do anything!

• Quitting soda is helping me lose weight.
• Now I’m on the right track — I’ve lost 30 pounds!
• I walk more at work and do aerobics at home.
• My family is my No. 1 cheerleader — they’re so happy for me.

I’ve struggled a lot with my weight. When I joined Thrive with ZP, I tried to start small so I didn’t get overwhelmed. My main focus has been on eating small portions. It’s really helped a lot! I used to eat a lot of bread and rice, but I’ve cut back. I use cups to measure my portions and I’ve cut my food intake in half. After the first week, I got used to my better choices. I’m drinking more water and eating more fruit. I even started a garden on my balcony to grow fruits and vegetables. It helps me eat healthy and fight temptation. When I lost the weight, I thought “Wow, I’m pretty!” It’s great to feel good about how you look. Take a chance because you have nothing to lose.