Mary Fisher

Mary Fisher Store #5356; Blairsville, PA

Store #5356; Blairsville, PA

We all saw ZP Champion Cara Landis lose so much weight and how her life changed. At first, my ZP Challenge was about weight loss. But, now it’s changed my life completely. I’ve changed how I eat, how I shop, how I am with my kids. ZP is about all the parts of life that matter. I used to quickly give up on exercising, but now I’m committed every day to walking or riding my exercise bike. I’m watching the way I eat. I don’t have sodas on my breaks, for instance. I’m down two clothing sizes and I’m super excited. I am so much more energetic and positive. ZP makes me happy and motivated. Every day you click your ZP better choices is an exciting and fun day! With better choices, every day comes with a sense of accomplishment.

  • With ZP, I feel like I can do anything.
  • I’ve lost 32 pounds and to me that is great!
  • I save between $25 and $30 a week just not buying soda or candy.
  • I’m optimistic about the future, for myself and for my kids.

I used to come home from work and go straight to bed, or maybe watch some TV, and then go to bed. Before ZP, I was always tired and a little hopeless. Now, I have the energy after work to spend time with the kids. We play board games and do things together. We all gave up sweets and junky foods. My kids are supportive and they’re happy I’m feeling better. We’re all doing better. I’m building up our savings so we can take a vacation and see the country together. I’ve never been so positive. I never had this kind of optimism. Absolutely everyone should try it. For you and for your family, ZP is a life changer.