Mary Miller

Mary MIller Store #1236; Goldsboro, NC

Store #1236; Goldsboro, NC

I like that ZP Challenge is made for you, personally. You get out of ZP what you want. All the other wellness programs seem like they’re the same thing and the people doing those programs are exactly the same. But when you read the ZP stories, everyone’s different. People are accomplishing their own goals in their own ways. I wanted to lose some weight so I downloaded the ZP app and I was hooked. It was so different to have that sense of accomplishment for making better choices and know that, at the same time, I had a chance to win. You’re rewarding yourself, every day, for bettering yourself. I feel great. Everyone is telling me I’m shrinking. I walk to lunch now and I eat at the local health food place. I park the farthest away I can for extra steps. I get in 15,000 steps a day. I’ve gone gluten-free and I don’t eat a lot of sweets. I have a treat here and there but I don’t drink soda. I’ve learned that eating more protein doesn’t necessarily mean eating more meat. I try a new fitness activity every month. This month, I’m jumping rope. With ZP, you just take one more step, every day, towards your goals.

  • After losing 65 pounds, my clothes started falling off!
  • My relationship with my eldest daughter wasn’t the greatest, but I’m working on it and it’s getting better.
  • Pasta was my comfort food and I gave it up.
  • I was so excited to win $5,000 that it took me hours to get to sleep.

ZP has really helped me think ahead. Christmas time is always hard for us. It’s a struggle to be able to afford anything extra. One better choice I make now is I buy a gift card out of every paycheck and set the gift card aside. When Christmas comes around, I’ll have the money, or gift cards, for presents. Just making one extra better choice can change everything. I haven’t been with Walmart very long, but I’d like to thank the company for making ZP Challenge available to us. With ZP, you can be healthy and you can win! With ZP, you can change your life. It changed mine . . . and I won $5,000!