Matt Farnsworth

Matt Farnsworth Sam’s Club #8220; Roanoke, VA

Sam’s Club #8220; Roanoke, VA

I really like how ZP Challenge is about average people doing extraordinary things. I’m a normal person with a wife and four kids. I read the real-life stories and I’m always inspired. If they can do it, so can I. I started my ZP journey at 350 pounds and my goal is to get down to 220 pounds by our 10th wedding anniversary and I’m very close. I’m wearing shorts I’ve had since high school. I’m getting my minimum of 10,000 steps in a day and we’re active together as a family. When my wife and I were kids, we got to eat whatever we wanted and that never stopped for us until we decided to lose weight. Now, with ZP and the decision to get healthy, we’re eating better for ourselves and for our kids. We’re eating a high-vegetable and protein diets. We’re making more of our own foods. For instance, homemade potato chips. I make my dip with homemade mayonnaise and hot sauce. Making better choices is helping tremendously in many ways.

  • I’m down 70 pounds and my wife has lost 65 pounds.
  • We’re doing ZP as a family.
  • We’re really working on cutting out the sugar, even the fake sugars.
  • So many people at our Sam’s Club are starting their own ZP Challenges now.

My wife and I started out to lose weight together. We realized quickly the ZP is something we can do for, and with, the whole family. With ZP Food, we’re all eating better. We’re making our snacks at home and the time we save not running to the store for things is time we spend with the kids. We structure our meals and our lives better. We have gotten our chores and our routines on point. We have the time to go hiking and we go to classes at the gym. Our current goal is to run a half marathon as a family. Three of the kids will run the under-12 course, and our two-year-old will be strapped to my chest! I mean, ZP is a community builder, at home and at work. Every day, my associates have been asking me how I’m losing this weight. You really do feel like a big family at work. So many people are a part of ZP and you have so much support. ZP really starts the conversation about how to make your life better. With ZP and better choices, we can all do amazing things.