Matt Greenfeld

Matt Greenfeld Store #5403; Urbana, IL

Store #5403; Urbana, IL

I had heard about a market manager who won money and I started reading the ZP stories. I really liked that ZP’s stories are from real people, not actors. ZP Challenge’s small changes and better choices approach does make a noticeable difference and you can see that in the stories. It’s taking baby steps. That really appealed to me. Everyone likes to read other people’s stories. I found myself thinking ZP Challenge could work for me. Another associate and I challenged each other to make sure we were getting our checkmarks in. I’m all about being competitive. Peer accountability helps push you. I set out to lose weight and to exercise. I went from sitting and eating a pizza to working out at least five times a week. Setting your goals and having support is how ZP works for me.

  • I’ve lost 89 pounds and it’s easier to move around.
  • I look at everything differently now and enjoy things more.
  • My friends and associates and I challenge each other. Friendly competition keeps me motivated!
  • I just took baby steps and had a great support network, so winning $5,000 was a huge surprise.

My ZP Food challenge started with trying to eat right. Simple things. For instance, not drinking soda or eating candy. It went on from there. I started logging my food. It was so surprising to see what you put into your body and what it’s going to cost you to burn it off. You don’t think about it until you see the calories. Now I know it’ll take 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer to burn off one can of soda. I used to eat a lot of frozen food, but I recently started cooking. It’s interesting to be learning how to cook things healthier and tastier with less salt. People started noticing once I’d taken off the first 30 pounds and started asking me about what I was doing. The compliments are a huge motivator. I started talking about ZP Challenge and the better choices I was making to lose weight. I recommend everyone read ZP stories and check out ZP’s app. I also make sure to tell people not to get overwhelmed. Take small steps to an attainable goal. Make better choices until you hit larger goals. Reset and recalibrate along the way. Having support is important. The more you talk about it, the more motivation you’ll have to keep going. You can accomplish anything by setting small goals, breaking it down, sticking to it and having friends to support you. Fall/Winter 2016$5k Winner