Matt Roshto

Matt Roshto Regional Operations Center #9850;  Grove City, OH

Regional Operations Center #9850; Grove City, OH

When ZP Challenge frst rolled out, it wasn’t something I could wrap my head around. It sounded too easy. Making small changes didn’t seem like it would be enough. But now I know that making little, better choices is the only way to go. You have to know what your goal is and take it one step at a time. I wanted to lose some weight. At my heaviest, I was 272 pounds and a size 44. I took a class and couldn’t walk down the aisles without bumping into everyone. I was so large that I had to start shopping at a special store. I made up my mind and decided it was time to get this done. I looked further into ZP Challenge, reading the stories and getting feedback, and decided it was time to try. I set small goals. My first goal step was to stop eating fast food for breakfast. After a few days, it got easier. Then I cut out fast food altogether and started eating healthier. I pack my lunch and have stopped ordering burgers or pizza. I started walking and then jogging. A little while ago, I tried on size 34 pants and I didn’t even have to suck in my stomach—they actually ft. I knew I needed to make some changes, but I had no idea my ZP Challenge would take off like it has.

  • I’ve lost 86 pounds, one small step at a time.
  • I eat more fruits and vegetables and I am off fast food entirely.
  • The stories on have been a huge help when I’ve needed encouragement.
  • Winning $5,000 is great, but what motivates you is real results you can see every day.

I had a buddy who was running and he’d lost a lot of weight. So, I started walking a mile a day and got up to four or five miles a day. One summer day, I felt good enough that I wanted to jog. It had been about 10 years since I had even tried to run. I ran a mile and a half and I was winded. Since then, I’ve been tracking how far I’ve run and I recently hit 1,300 miles. I had no idea that I would love to run. Now, I can’t go very long without running because it keeps me sane. I am able to be more active with my kids. I can run after balls at my son’s baseball games and I can help my daughter with her gymnastics training. Now I have the energy to be there for my family. You decide what your goal is and you take it one step at a time. You just start your ZP Challenge changing one small thing. You can walk a little more or eat a little better. You can make better choices in anything. Making small, better choices is the way to go. Those small steps will get you to accomplish your goals.