Matthew Fry

Matthew Fry Walmart Customer; Phoenix, AZ

Walmart Customer; Phoenix, AZ

Not too long ago, I was working 70+ hours a week. I knew that my kids and my wife weren’t getting the best of me. I needed to make changes to find more balance in my life. I like the accountability and sense of community that ZP gives me. Each day I can log into the app and evaluate how I did. It’s simple but it gives me a moment of mindfulness to remind me about what’s important. For me and my wife, the most important priority is family. We actually made the decision to sell our house and most of our belongings and are now traveling the country with our three kids in an RV. We’re homeschooling our children and our goal as a family is to see as many national parks as we can.

• Living in an RV makes healthy meal planning a priority.
• Hikes and daily walks together keep us active on the road.
• We looked closely at our budget to find how to bring our dreams to life.
• Working remotely early in the morning gives me more time for family.

Living in an RV together has been an adjustment, but I’m lucky that I get to be a part of everything now. I used to come home and was so exhausted I didn’t even have the energy to play catch with my son. We’ve decided to take a picture playing catch together at each national park we visit during this journey. Moments like that are why we’re doing this. ZP is helping us makes memories together as a family and not let life pass us by. I know I’ve grown as a father and husband because of this. My goal is to inspire my children and let them know that they should reach for their dreams no matter what. Each person can change their own life. Don’t wait. Set your goals and go for them!