Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens Neighborhood Market #3414; Palm Harbor, Fla. ZP Challenge Florida $2K Winner

Neighborhood Market #3414; Palm Harbor, Fla.
ZP Challenge Florida $2K Winner

When I started ZP, I was 260 pounds — the heaviest weight of my life. I had a lot of responsibility between being a Walmart department manager and a full-time student. Because I was so busy, I put my health on the back burner. When I went to the doctor, I discovered that I had really high blood pressure. That’s when I realized it was time to change. I joined ZP Challenge and began making better choices. I used the 80/20 rule to lose weight — focusing 80% on food and 20% on fitness. I switched to all-natural and organic food. I started going to the gym four to five times a week. By getting active and eating better, I dropped to 210 pounds and also lowered my blood pressure. Losing weight is everything. It’s given me more confidence. Seeing my changes has really made a difference.

• By focusing on food, I’ve lost 50 pounds.
• I do circuit training at least four times a week.
• Thanks to better choices, I’ve paid off $1,250 in debt.
• My mom is getting active and following in my footsteps.

I’ve studied nutrition so I know what to eat and not to eat. After a 16-hour day, it’s tough to follow through. I used to go home, lay on the couch and eat fast food. I knew I had to get motivated and stop making excuses. When I joined ZP, I started by making better food choices. I cut out processed foods and limited my carb intake. Now I make eggs for lunch or protein shakes for a snack. For dinner, I make fresh food like chicken, broccoli and quinoa. Quinoa has been my savior — it’s a superfood! Winning ZP Challenge feels great. I couldn’t have done it without my awesome Walmart team. It shows that hard work really does pay off. Throw your excuses out the window because you can accomplish your goals. If I can do it, anyone can.