Romeo Adjam

Romeo Adjam Walmart Home Office; Bentonville, AR

Walmart Home Office; Bentonville, AR

Sometimes, you just find yourself getting off track. At 249 pounds, I had gotten lazier. I was battling with my weight when I started my ZP Challenge. I’m making better choices and changing behaviors. ZP’s structure and consistency really helped. I’m down to 220 pounds and I have more energy. I’m eating better. I don’t skip breakfast and make sure to eat eggs or oatmeal. I’m eating lighter, especially at night. I don’t drink anything but water or tea. Now I have more energy to run, play and do activities. I have more time for everyone in my family. I have two little boys, a stepson and a stepdaughter. My stepdaughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia at nine years old. Now, she’s a beautiful 20-year old woman who manages well with medications but is battling with her weight. I’m so grateful for the energy to do more because physical activity helps her so much. My wife did not like cooking healthy meals. But now I’m cooking more at home and she’s coming around to healthier food. That’s been a nice surprise. I think when you see others doing well you find yourself motivated to do well. I think the peer accountability aspect of ZP is very special. I hope I can inspire people, too.

  • I’ve noticed that running gives me more drive and more discipline in life.
  • ZP Challenge helped me reinforce my fitness goals.
  • I have mastered cooking at home.
  • I’m winning the battle with my weight and have lost 29 pounds.

My ZP Challenge was part of the Walton Life Fitness Center’s “Transformation Challenge.” Fitness was at the center of my ZP. My body mass index was 32 percent and that’s considered obese for my height. With ZP, every day you just make a better choice. That helped me reinforce my changing behaviors. For instance, I drink more water every day. My most exciting change has been that I’ve added running to my fitness regimen. I’ve run a half marathon and now I’m training to run a triathlon. Running makes me feel younger and have more energy. The more I run, the more I want to be better. I have so much drive and energy. ZP will help you reinforce your goals. Stick with ZP and in 21 days you will see results. Just do it!