Traci Haner

Traci Haner Meadville, PA

Supercenter #1656; Meadville, PA

Between work and my son’s sports, my days are full.
As a family, we got so busy that we fell into some bad habits with food. I want to show my son that there’s a better way to eat and be an example of how to make healthier choices. I’m using ZP to help me get back to a more comfortable weight, feel better overall and have more energy each day. The key to being healthy is being aware of your surroundings. It’s about being mindful of what you’re doing and setting small, achievable goals for yourself. Besides eating better, I’m also exercising at least an hour a day. I’m not fatigued like I used to be, and that’s helping me spend more — and better — time with my husband and son. In two months, I’m already down a full pant size and am feeling great!

• I’ve lost 20 pounds and I am not done yet.
• No more soda pop for us — it’s water all the way!
• Before work and again before bed I’m getting exercise.
• We put extra change in a jar to use for family vacations.

My family and I used to eat out a lot. It was just an easy thing to do when we got too busy. Now my son is learning that making the effort to cook ahead of time saves a lot of headaches when we are rushed. We’re eating more fruits and vegetables, especially greens and things like Brussels sprouts. I’m tracking everything I eat and keeping an eye on my calorie and fat intake. It’s made me more aware of my choices and what I’m putting in my body. That’s what I’m most proud of — making a commitment to myself and sticking with it. Whether it’s taking family walks or making different choices with our diet, I’m showing my son that there’s more to life than food and being busy!