Vic Flores

Distribution Center #6094; Bentonville, AK

Distribution Center #6094; Bentonville, AK

What’s the most exciting change in your life since ZP Challenge?

The most exciting change is my new enthusiasm for life. My girlfriend had gotten sick, then I got sick. I had stopped eating right and taking care of myself. I had lost interest in most everything. I was not feeling good about myself. I watched my associate, Robert Slyter’s, attitude change while doing his ZP Challenge. So, I thought I might as well try give it a try. With ZP, I started feeling better and being excited to get outside. I find joy in things again. ZP helped take a lot of depression right out of me. I’m smiling again.

What’s working for you?

I stopped drinking energy drinks and eating all the time. I’ve lost about 20 pounds. We cook more at home and eat more vegetables. I drink more hot beverages. I never did that before and it seems to really help. Once you get to eating healthier, you’ll notice the difference. I started going to the park and walking. When I first started, my knees would buckle and it was very hard to complete an almost four-mile loop. Then one day, it just started getting easier. Now I walk the loop twice a day. It’s amazing how much being outside in nature helps. I’m finding peace in life.

Have there been any surprises along the way of your ZP journey?

I’m so much more motivated about everything. I’m trying to x things around the house, for instance. My relationship with my girlfriend’s daughters is much better. They’ve been right out there exercising with me. The way we can talk now has made us much closer. They accept me more as a family member. We’re far more united now. ZP has given me so much. Once you start, so much stuff starts getting better.