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Better choices for big results.

1.   Identify your goals.

What would you like to be different in your life? There are four kinds of ZP Challenge types – Food, Money, Fit and Family. You can take one or any combination of ZP Challenges, at whatever pace you like. Choose the type (or types) of ZP Challenge that best fits the areas of your life in which you’d like to see positive change.

2.   Download ZP – You have 2 great options: 

ZP’s most powerful mobile app is available now for both Android and iOS devices. From the first day of your life-changing journey, to the opportunity to submit your ZP Challenge story for a chance to win – ZP’s app is right there by your side!

ZP Online Entry is available here as well – download your entry and be sure to keep track of the better choices you’re making every day.

Grab the ZP App

3.   Make better choices for 21 days.

Make one better choice or as many as you can in 21 days. Every time you make a better choice, take your ZP Checkmark. Better choices are simple, small changes in everyday life.

  • ZP Food Challenge – Drinking water instead of soda is a better choice.
  • ZP Family Challenge – Taking time out of your day to call and check in with someone you care about it a better choice.
  • ZP Money Challenge – Putting your loose change aside for your savings is a better choice.
  • ZP Fit Challenge – Taking a walk around the neighborhood is a better choice.

4.   Share + Enter.

Your chance to win cash prizes is as easy as sharing your story and submitting your entry. Every time you complete your ZP Challenge, you can enter to win. There are no limits! You can enter via your ZP mobile app or you can enter online.


Be sure to enjoy your accomplishments.

With small changes and better choices, you’ve achieved some great things. Every better choice is a step forward in the direction you want to go. Every completed ZP Challenge is an achievement for yourself and your community. Take a moment to reflect on what’s working, on the differences you made and how meaningful it is to be changing your life. Recognize and celebrate the good things you’re doing!