There’s nothing better than feeling great & living your best life!

Let’s celebrate the power of making better choices! Zipsters are motivators, champions, and forerunners in regard to making better choices. These are past and present ZP Challenge participants who want to do more for themselves, their families, and the ZP community. In addition to other perks, our Zipsters get a free $10 gift card!

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The Zipster Buzz: January

A new year brings a whole new sense of hope and purpose. It’s a blank page to start writing our new chapters in life. It’s a fresh start on our way to accomplish great things. It’s the chance to refresh our motivations and inspire ourselves and others. With better choices, we can achieve anything and everything. Happy New Year!


Walmart’s Wellness Day & ZP App “Instant Win” is January 12th! Featuring free health screenings and fun surprises, it’s a great opportunity to check in on ourselves. ZP is bringing back “Instant Win” – the chance to win gift certificates, awarded at random for folks engaging with ZP’s app. Tell everyone – download ZP’s app and mark your calendar for more chances at cash prizes on Jan. 12th. For more information on your local Walmart Wellness Event:


2019 brings renewed focus and goal setting — it’s resolution time! ZP is here to support everyone’s better choice journeys towards their great new achievements in family, money, foot or fitness. There is $150,000 in the cash prize pool for the current Fall/Winter round – deadline for entering is February 28th, 2019. Never been a better time to start your new or next ZP Challenge!

If you have any questions, requests for ZP Challenge materials or suggestions for how we can create and provide more support and inspiration for you, our ZP Challenge Leaders, please reach out anytime! We are excited to get to know you and your community better and we are excited to be making amazing things happen. You and your community are what makes ZP great.


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ZP APP – How To Share

Many of our Zipsters have let us know that spending time showing people how ZP’s amazing app works has really helped get people off to a great ZP start. Here’s a quick how-to:


  • ZP’s app is always free for everyone and available both for Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (Apple Store), and perhaps even easier, there’s a link at on the “ZP App” page for easy downloading.


  • Once people enter their information and check out the short tutorial, they can get started on their first ZP Challenge right then and there! It’s super quick and easy.


  • Show them how ZP’s easy, daily accountability works — simply click off your better choices on the buttons at the top of the screen.


  • Encourage them to explore all the inspirational stories, resources, tips and information available with ZP.


  • Let people know they can check in with you along the way. Be sure to encourage people to share their story and enter to win part of the $150,000 prize pool with every completed 21-day ZP Challenge.

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$10 Reloadable Gift Card

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